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JOHN LENNON Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol.2-= TMOQ GAZETTE VOL.34 =HIS MASTER CHOICESBD+Pro-Shot1CD+1DVD BOOKLETHMC046¥5,980
JOHN LENNON SEVERAL TIMES IN NEW YORK CITY-Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol.1 = TMOQ GAZETTE VOL.30 = Contains Previously Unreleased Video MaterialHMCPro-Shot+SBD1DVD+1CDHMC042¥5,980
JOHN LENNON with PAUL McCARTNEY 1974 L.A. JAM SESSIONS1974TMOQ GAZETTE VOL.27 = From The Original Master Tapes HMCHMC-2CDHMC039¥5,300
JOHN LENNON COMPLETE LIVE LENNON FILMS1969-1975In Various PlacesMCPro-Shot2DVDmccd-559_60¥8,720
JOHN LENNON Complete Home Demo Recordings Vol.21975-1980Home DemoMC Soundboard + Audiece5CDmccd-502_6¥10,280
JOHN LENNON Complete Home Demo Recordings Vol.11975-1980Home Demo RecordingsMCSoundboard5CDmccd-497_501¥10,280
JOHN LENNON and PAUL MCCARTNEY Burbank Studios 19741974Burbank StudiosMDNASoundboard1CDRmdna-15098¥2,830
JOHN LENNON MIND GAMES SESSIONS1970'Demo, Alternate, Outtakes SessionsMCSessins4CDmccd-405_8¥8,980
JOHN LENNON IMAGINE SESSIONS-Studio Demo and SessionsMCSoundboard6CDmccd-396-401¥11,300
JOHN LENNON Rock ‘n Roll Sessions1973-1974Solo SessionsMCSoundboard3CDmccd-409_11¥8,280
JOHN LENNON Plastic Ono Band Sessions -Demo, Outtake SessionsMCSoundboard +5CDmccd-391_5¥10,100
JOHN LENNON Sometime In New York City Sessions1972 -MCSoundboard3CDmccd-0354_6¥8,100
JOHN LENNON Walls And Bridges Sessions -Demo, Outtake SessionsMCSoundboard5CDmccd-386_90¥9,980
JOHN LENNON Plastic Ono Band 1970197009-10EMI Studios, London Studio SessionsWET DREAMS RECORDSSoundboard1CDRWR-457¥2,830
JOHN LENNON NEWYORK1972 - The Best Of The Rest 1972 Collection1972NEWYORKDigital Archives PromotionSoundboard + Pro-Shot/100min.1CD+1DVDRDAP-J001¥3,180
JOHN LENNON The Village Tapes Remastered Edition -Studio RecordingsMDNAsoundboard1CDRmdna-13042¥2,680
JOHN LENNON The Alternate Shaved Fish1975+1996Album[Shave Fish]1975 Alternate Version and moreWET DREAMS RECORDSsoundboard2CDRWR-269¥3,480
JOHN LENNON KARMA! 19711971St. Regis Hotel & Hotel Syracuse, NYWET DREAMS RECORDSsoundboard1CDRWR-237¥2,830
JOHN LENNON One To One Benefit Concert 197219720830 Afternoon + Evening ShowMSG NEW YORK CITY NY U.S.A.mistercloudelAUDIENCE5CD+1DVDmccd-272_7¥7,980
JOHN LENNON Precious -John Lennon Alternate CollectionWet Dreams Recordssoundboard2CDRWR-143¥3,480
JOHN LENNON 1980 -Last John Only Rare Track and PromoMonkey ClownRare Track and Promo1CDMC-015¥2,380
John lennon Plastic ono band 1968-1970Demo CollectionsDemo CollectionsWonder twin recordsDemo4CDRJL01-ABCD¥5,180
John Lennon POP219720108Recorded New York December 1971 by French TVNORTHEMPro-Shot/1011DVDRND-2204¥2,980
John Lennon One To One Concert Original Broadcast Version19720830NORTHEM - WABC-TV Broadcast,MSGNORTHEMPro-Shot /129min1DVDRND-2013¥2,980

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