Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
[ Isle Of Wight 2012 ]
DATE 20120624
PLACE Isle Of Wight Festival, Seaclose Park, Newport, England
LABEL Northern
CODE ND-3364
SOURCE Pro+Aud-Shot/129min.
PRICE ¥ 3,080
⇒数 量:
《 Products Information 》

日本公演後のパフォーマンスを収録した映像集で6月24日の”Isle Of Wight Festival”でのパフォーマンスをプロショットで収録した映像を中心に5月29日のソウルでしか演奏していない”A Simple Game Of Genius”と6月11日のモスクワでの”Maxidrom Festival”をオーディエンスショットで収録しています。

*Isle Of Wight Festival,Seaclose Park,Newport,England June 24 2012

01.Intro / 02.(It's Good) To Be Free / 03.Everybody's On The Run / 04.Dream On / 05.If I Had A Gun... / 06.The Death Of You And Me / 07.(I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine / 08.AKA... What A Life! / 09.Talk Tonight / 10.AKA... Broken Arrow / 11.Half The World Away / 12.(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach / 13.Little By Little / 14.Don't Look Back In Anger*AX Hall,Seoul,South Korea May 29 2012 15.A Simple Game Of Genius *Maxidrom Festival,Tushino Airfield,Maxidrom Festival,Moscow June 11 2012 16.(It's Good) To Be Free / 17.Mucky Fingers / 18.Everybody's On The Run / 19.Dream On / 20.If I Had A Gun... / 21.The Death Of You And Me / 22.(I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine / 23.AKA...What A Life! / 24.Talk Tonight / 25.AKA...Broken Arrow / 26.Half The World Away / 27.(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach / 28.Little By Little / 29.Don't Look Back In Anger






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