The Derek Trucks Band
[ In Tokyo 2009 3Days Complete ]
DATE 20090925+26+30
PLACE International Forum, Tokyo + NHK Hall, Tokyo
CODE xavel047_9
PRICE ¥ 6,380
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ドゥービー・ブラザーズとのジョイント・ツアーとなったDerek Trucksバンドの2009年来日ステージより、東京3公演(9/25国際フォーラム、9/26国際フォーラム、9/30NHKホール)をいずれも高音質のオーディエンス録音にて完全収録。

もちろん、ドゥービー・ブラザーズのステージへのDerek Trucksの客演箇所もしっかり収録されているので、ファンにとっては嬉しいお買い得なアイテムといえるでしょう。
「In Tokyo 2009 1st Night」「In Tokyo 2009 2nd Night」「In Tokyo 2009 3rd Night」をまとめたものなので、公演の詳細に関しては各タイトルをご覧下さい。
◆International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 25th September 2009
01. Down In The Flood 02. Sweet Inspiration 03. I'll Find My Way 04. I Know
05. band introduction 06. Get What You Deserve 07. My Favorite Things
08. Anyday 09. Done Got Over

◆International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 26th September 2009
01. Key To The Highway 02. Mahjoun 03. Already Free 04. Anyday 05. Sweet Inspiration
06. band introduction 07. Meet Me At The Bottom 08. Get Out Of My Life Woman
09. We're A Winner 10. Down In The Flood 11. Don't Start Me To Talking (The Doobie Brothers with Derek Trucks)

◆NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 30th September 2009
Disc 1
1. Get What You Deserve 2. I'll Find My Way 3. Sahib Teri Bandi
4. Down In The Flood 5. band introduction 6. This Sky

Disc 2
1. Anyday (with Marc Russo) 2. Leavin' Trunk (with Ed Toth)
3. Key To The Highway (with Tom Johnston & Pat Simmons)
4. Don't Start Me To Talking (The Doobie Brothers with Derek Trucks)

◇Personnel; Derek Trucks (guitar), Todd Smallie (bass, vocal)
Yonrico Scott (drums, vocal), Kofi Burbridge (keyboards, flute, vocal)
Mike Mattison (lead vocal), & Count M'butu (percussion, vocal)






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