Jackson Browne with David Lindley
[ EN VIVO 2010 ]
DATE 20100904
PLACE Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City, NJ USA
LABEL Invisible Works
CODE iwr-067
PRICE ¥ 5,280
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David Lindleyが帯同しておこなわれているJackson Browneの2010年ツアーの決定的な音源が登場!

本編となるのはディスク1?3で、9/4にニュージャージーのBorgata Hotel Casino & Spaでおこなわれた最新ライブを超高音質のオーディエンス録音にて収録しています。

こちらもレーベル独自のリマスターが光るハイクオリティな音質でレア曲のオンパレード、来日公演でも話題になった「The Late Show」等は聴きモノでしょう!
◆Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City, NJ USA 4th September 2010

Disc 1
Acoustic Set with David Lindley
01. Seminole Bingo 02. Brothers Under The Bridge 03. For Everyman 04. Looking East David Lindley Solo Set; 05. Soul Of A Man 06. When A Guy Gets Boobs

Disc 2
Band Set
01. Off Of Wonderland 02. Giving That Heaven Away 03. Just Say Yeah 04. In The Shape Of A Heart 05. Your Bright Baby Blues 06. Fountain of Sorrow 07. Rosie 08. The Pretender 09. For a Dancer

Disc 3
01. My Problem is You 02. Too Many Angels 03. I'm Alive 04. Doctor My Eyes 05. Rock Me On The Water 06. Running On Empty 07. Mercury Blues 08. I Am a Patriot

Disc 4
◆Sheffield City Hall, South Yorkshire, UK 4th June 2010 David Lindley Solo Set
01. Catfood Sandwiches 02. Lazy Farmer Boy aka Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
Band Set
03. Time The Conqueror 04. Before The Deluge 05. Sky Blue And Black 06. Take It Easy
◆Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 9th June 2010
David Lindley Solo Set
07. Tijuana (J.J.Cale)
Band set
08. The Birds Of St. Marks 09. The Late Show
◆Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland 21st June 2010
Acoustic Set with David Lindley
10. For Taking The Trouble
Band set
11. Call It A Loan
◆Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton 26th June 2010
12. The Barricades Of Heaven

Jackson Browne (vocals, guitar, keyboards), David Lindley (everything with strings), Mark Goldenberg (guitar), Kevin McCormick (bass), Jeff Young (keyboards), Mauricio Lewak (drums), Alethea Mills (vocals) & Danielle DeAndrea (vocals)






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