Bon Jovi
[ Live 2011 in Uncasville & Columbus ]
DATE 20110507
PLACE Mohegan Sun Arena,Uncasville
CODE ND-2685_6
SOURCE Aud-shot/97/103min.
PRICE ¥ 3,980
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アンカスヴィルは18曲コロンバスは17曲とどちらも完全収録ではありませんがアンカスヴィルではこのツアー初登場のバーズのカバー”So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star”を収録しコロンバスでは音声に別ソースの高音質音源を使用するなどそれぞれ見どころがあります。
DISC 1 :Mohegan Sun Arena,Uncasville,CT May 7 2011
01.Last Man Standing/02.We Weren't Born To Follow/03.You Give Love A Bad Name/04.Superman Tonight/05.It's My Life/06.We Got It Goin' On/07.Bad Medicine/Pretty Woman/ 08.Lay Your Hands On Me/09.(You Want To) Make A Memory/10.I'll Be There For You/ 11.Someday I'll Be Saturday Night/12.Who Says You Can't Go Home/13.In These Arms/ 14.Livin' On A Prayer/15.So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star/16.Have A Nice Day/ 17.Blood On Blood/18.Wanted Dead Or Alive

DISC 2 :Nationwide Arena,Columbus,OH May 10 2011
01.Lost Highway/02.You Give Love A Bad Name/03.It's My Life/ 04.Intro For Work For The Working Man/05.We Got It Going On 06.Bad Medicine/Roadhouse Blues/Old Time Rock And Roll/07.Lay Your Hands On Me/ 08.(You Want To) Make A Memory/09.Bed Of Roses/10.I'll Be There For You/ 11.Who Says You Can't Go Home/12.Blood On Blood/13.Have A Nice Day/14.Keep The Faith/ 15.When We Were Beautiful/16.Wanted Dead Or Alive/17.Livin' On A Prayer







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