DATE 1981-2004
PLACE Rare Compilation
LABEL Contraversy Records
CODE CR-29_32
SOURCE Soundboard
PRICE ¥ 5,260
⇒数 量:
《 Products Information 》


01. Playtime (The Roxy, Houston TX Jan 1st 1998)/ 02. Prince And The Band (Edit) (Paisley Park, Chanhassen MN Jun 23rd 2002)/ 03. Touch (Red Jacket, Dallas TX Apr 17th 2002)/ 04. Glam Slam Boogie (Emporium, London Mar 23rd 1995)/ 05. The Go-Go’s (Palacio de Los Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid Dec 20th 1998)/ 06. U Want Me (Edit) (Aladdin Theater, Las Vegas NV Dec 15th 2002)/ 07. Funk It Up Jam / 80s Medley (Edit) (Rehearsal from 1988)/ 08. Blues In C (If I Had A Harem) (Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto Oct 5th 1988)/ 09. Electric Intercourse (First Avenue, MPLS MN Aug 3rd 1983)/ 10. Drawers Burning (Prom Center, St.Paul MN Jun 7th 1985)/ 11. Hey You (Flash Rehearsal Sessions)

01. People Without (Electric Version)/ (Het Paard van Troje, The Hague Holland Aug 19th 1988)/ 02. Poorgoo (Paisley Park Livestudio Sessions Jun 14th 1993)/ 03. Billy (Edit) (Rehearsal from 1984)/ 04. Dance To The Beat (First Avenue, MPLS MN Mar 8th 1982)/ 05. Everbody Dance (Sam’s Danceteria, MPLS Mar 9th 1981)/ 06. What Did I Do ? (Le New Morning, Paris France Jun 15th 1987)/ 07. U4 Guitar Jam (U4, Vienna, Austria May 28th 1987)/ 08. Jealous Again (Paisley Park Rehearsal Apr 1990)

01. Cruisin’ Down The Highway (Summer 1983 Rehearsal)/ 02. Gotta Shake This Feeling (Rehearsal May / Jun 1984)/ 03. Our Destiny Version #2/ 04. Roadhouse Garden Version “2(Rehearsal for The jun 7th 84 Concert at First Avenue #3 May/ Jun 1984)/ 05. When Doves Scream (Purple Rain Tour Rehearsal #5 1985)/ 06. White Girls (Edit) (Rehearsal from 1983)/ 07. Electric Man 1986 Version (Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI Jun 7th 1986)/ 08. Electric Man 1990 Version (Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan Aug 31st 1990)/ 09. Mama/ 10. There’s No Telling What I Might Do/ 11. Cold Coffee And Cocaine (Piano Session “2 1983)/ 12. If U Let Me Undress U (Idraetsparken, Copenhagen, Denmark Aug 21st 1988)/ 13. People Without (Acoustic Version)(Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany Aug 31st 88)/ 14. Susannah’s Blues (Le New Morning, Paris, France Aug 24th 1986)

01. Telemarketer’s Blues (Paisley Park, Chanhassen MN Jun 24th 2002)/ 02. 12:01 (Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA Mar 29th 2004)/ 03. Real Playas (Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA Mar 29th 2004)/ 04. The Rules (Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA Sep 9th 2004)/ 05. The Second Coming (The Summit, Houston TX Dec 9th 1981)/ 06. Intermission (Gym, Sendai Japan Feb 1st 1989)/ 07. Dat Intro (Nude Tour Intro) (Estadio Santa Maria del Mar, La Coruna, Spain Jul 29th 1990)/ 08. Diamonds And Pearls Tour Intro (Earl’s Court, London Jun 24th 1990)/ 09. Thieves In The Temple Intro (Earl’s Court, London Jun 24th 1990)/ 10. Egyptian Intro I (Flugplatz, Lueneburg, Germany Sep 3rd 1993)/ 11. Egyptian Intro II (The Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland Mar 30th 1995)/ 12. Jam Of The Year Tour Intro (Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountainview CA Oct 10th 1997)/ 13. The One Intro (Flanders Expo, Ghent, Belgium Dec 28th 1998)/ 14. Hit’n’Run Tour Intro (Landmark Theater, Richmond VA Nov 8th 2000)/ 15. Musicology Tour Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame Intro (Staples Center, Los Angeles CA Mar 29th 2004)/ 16. Thank U Just The Same (Studio 54, New York Jul 24th 2000)






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